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khdesign's Journal

Kingdom Hearts Graphics: wallpapers, fanart, icons
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Welcome to khdesign! Another Kingdom Hearts community, yes. Forgive the obsessed. We/they simply cannot help ourselves!

A community for all Kingdom Hearts Design stuffs, you may post icons, fanart, AMVs, wallpapers, headers/banners, anything of that nature. All that you most likely gathered from the name of the community itself!

You know the drill.

[x]ALL spoilers for KHII, even if you only, sort of, kind of THINK it's a spoiler, be friendly and safe and use clear warnings!
[x]Use the lj-cut, no more than 3 icons outside a cut...all art other than icons (i.e. wallpapers, fanart, etc) under a cut as well
[x]If you think the 'rating' for your art is a little risky for kids, MARK IT as such please!

A little twist thrown in is that you can also post links to uploaded music that you feel pertains to a character from KH, a scene/pivotal moment, pairing, anything. The requirement for this particular option is that you do the following:

[x]In the subject line please label it with MUSIC : *whatever song it is* so we can make sure to file it away in the memories as such!
[x]Use the lj-cut
[x]Why? Because since we do want it to pertain to KH, please include with your link to your upload an explanation for why you think this song/track relates to your subject of choice. It can be as long as you want, since we all like rambles that show we're not the only obsessive ones! However we ask that your minimum explanation be two sentences.
[x]If it deals with reference to a SPOILER moment for KHII [anything in the storyline basically since some people haven't even gotten the game yet in certain places] please make sure you post your explanation under a cut.

We will be filing each entry away as a memory! Why? To categorize for you of course! So as we expand in members and participation, hopefully, we'll gather a rather impressive fill of wallpapers, icons, etc...


Questions, concerns and wishes to affiliate should be directed at me: degender. This can be done through any moderator post or through simply going to my journal. Thanks for taking a look and hope you have fun with this!




***more to come soon, I hope!